James & Carla

Knorhoek, Stellenbosch | 2 April

When I first saw James about 2 years ago, he made an immense impression on me.  He shined meekness like I haven’t found in many people out there.  Of course when we met for our first planning meeting and Carla was on his side, the two of them lit up the place and I felt privileged  to be in their presence.  I do not have many words to describe their wedding.  It is because I know it will not be able to do it justice at all.  May I just say it has truely been an honour to be chosen to do this wedding and an absolute blessing to me.  Watch these guys in the future … here is a couple that can change the world.

We chose our new Flash Slideshow (featuring Music & Full Screen Mode) for their photos below.  We would value your feedback on these new features to the Peartree Blog. Feel free to leave a comment below.

Thank you to Brett Nattrass for assisting on the day.

Slideshow music : Beautiful by Shawn McDonald

  • Christo Viljoen - Oh my word! Oh my word! Oh my word!

    Die musiek is perfek, die kombinasie foto’s is onverbeterlik! Ek love hierdie nuwe slideshow met musiek idee – dis ongelooflik!

    En natuurlik is die couple awesome om na te kyk – gemaklik op die oog!

    Well done, Wil! Die foto’s is awesome!06/04/2010 – 08:52

  • Firoz & Gul » Peartree Photography’s Blog - […] James & Carla900647 […]06/04/2010 – 09:53

  • James and Carla - Wil, we’ve just irritated everyone in the internet cafe going “oh wow!” “beautiful!” “amazing” “oh WOW!!!” for 30 minutes! We can’t say thank you enough for the incredible way you captured our wedding. There was just so much joy, we had so much fun, and you captured just that in these stunning photo’s. Praise GOD – all glory to Him! Can’t wait to see you when we get back, lots of love… The Pringles on their way to Kosi Bay…06/04/2010 – 11:04

  • Wil Punt - It must be the first time you guys irritated people! Glad you did it because of me! 🙂 Enjoy KB!06/04/2010 – 11:26

  • Izanne - Ag die trane die vloei so maklik!06/04/2010 – 15:39

  • Keith - Stunning photies – makliker wanner jy sulke mooi mense het (in alle opsigte) om mee te werk. James, I’m just sad Wil missed the boys dancing there at the end of the evening, but then again, maybe its better that some things not be on the record 🙂19/04/2010 – 11:42

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