Perfect Ending – Beautiful Start

It is just after 11pm on 30 June 2010.  It is the last hour of the 2009-2010 Wedding Season according to the way we look at a it at Peartree Photography.  And I am overjoyed to share that by the grace of God …

  • it has been a record year for both PeartreeGerminate Photography (our sister company)
  • we’ve had a 100% happy Wedding Client rate (unless we missed something somewhere that we’re not currently aware of!)
  • I have just finished the last bit of editing on my final wedding for the season … it’s all done!
  • we managed to stick to ALL our deadlines during the whole season
  • we haven’t had one double booking to date
  • I still absolutely  L O V E every aspect of what I do, &
  • (most importantly) I’m still happily married, fitter than ever and my boy loves his daddy to bits

From tomorrow onwards, we will be operating in the 2010-2011 Wedding Season.  All I can say is … BRING IT ON!

I motivated myself to first finish all my editing, before I post the photos below.  Welcome to change at Peartree … a bit of family, relaxing, friends, experiences and emotions from the last couple of weeks.  Speed up the Internet & Turn up the Volume!  heeehaaa!

Music by Braddigan form their superb album Watchfires (song : Pura Vida)

  • Celeste Coetsee - Baie geluk met ‘n job excellently done! Dit was ‘n voorreg om deel te kon wees van daardie seisoen en om julle deel te he van ons sin. WOW, Wil en Adri, what a team! Blessings vir ‘n nuwe jaar wat voorle vol nog nuwe memories om vasgevang en onthou te word…Markus & Celeste01/07/2010 – 00:07

  • Izanne - Excellent! Kan nie wag vir ‘n Elih drukkie nie!01/07/2010 – 09:31

  • Roelien - Alles wat mooi is vir die jaar wat voorlê – Doen so voort 🙂 Julle rock!01/07/2010 – 09:55

  • adri - WELL DONE MY LOVE!!! 🙂 🙂 Jy is AMAZING en EK IS SOOO TROTS OP JOU!!!01/07/2010 – 10:32

  • ilse+dirk oberholzer - well done…luvit…12/07/2010 – 12:49

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