Nelson & Susan

Clouds Estate Award Winning Wedding Photography Stellenbosch | 2 April 2011

One could see how Nelson and Susan brings out the best in one another!  We loved the realness & entertaining playfulness of them and their guests.  I am sure you enjoyed every moment of your wedding day.  Thanks for making it easy to capture your day so lovely.

Dankie aan assistent Anél.  Regtig well done!  Jy het geskitter met die shots by dié een!

  • Donald Schwab - I hope it is orange, the pear — a difficult test for the color blind.

    Wil Punt —

    I merely wanted to commend you for your excellent, exquisite photography. Well above the level of most wedding photography I have seen elsewhere. Not to mention the most pleasant surprise of seeing it posted so quickly.

    I am the old fellow with a Canon 50D who chatted briefly with you, as you tried to eat. After seeing your photos, I must admit I am a bit reluctant to download my own onto a computer — but I guess I must, soon.

    Don Schwab08/04/2011 – 08:34

  • Matthew E. Schwab - Awesome Photos!
    Congratulations Susan-Nelson; I had a blast, you guys should get married more often… I wish you the best, stay forever Jung!
    -Matthew09/04/2011 – 17:04

  • Deborah - Your photos are absolutely magnificent – what a stunning couple and beautiful venue.12/04/2011 – 08:43

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