Du Toit Fam

I am always shocked at time’s ability to pass.  The older I get, the quicker it seems to go.  And I’m not even old yet!

But thank the Lord there is something like pictures that put some handles on this wild horse to tame it to a perfect moment.  And like we know, if you get it right, it will be your memories (and the ones of you) forever …

This would have been just another normal afternoon in Somerset West.  Everyone would have been busy with their own things, focussing on the now, the immediate, the urgent.  But an hour got captured that will be a milestone for the past in the future.  Today I feel so privileged to be associated with these.

I love these people.  I love these shots.  I just love my job …


  • aneL - Mooiste mense. Mooiste fotos. MOOI!!!27/09/2011 – 16:28

  • Alet - Stunning foto’s van ons mooi familie!27/09/2011 – 21:29

  • Anna-Marie - Dankie, Willie – jy het kosbare oomblikke verewig op die mees besonderse manier.28/09/2011 – 05:53

  • Bonita - Sjoe, het nie woorde om die ongelooflike mooi foto’s en familie te beskryf nie!!
    Dankie Antjies, julle is baie spesiaal.28/09/2011 – 08:16

  • Alette - Ongelooflik mooi!!! Lyk of jul dit baie geniet het.28/09/2011 – 09:06

  • Lize - Baie mooi foto’s. Julle kan trots wees op die twee kleintjies. Pragtig.28/09/2011 – 10:49

  • Suzette van Niekerk - Regtig baie mooi. Fotografie is uitstekend!12/10/2011 – 09:46

  • Photographer Stellenbosch – Du Toit Fam » Peartree Photography - […] kids are just getting more beautiful.  It is is the 3rd time we’ve done this and for me, it was the most fun shoot to date.  I love how these turned […]30/08/2016 – 13:35

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