Burke Fam

Some people have hair on their teeth, exceptional patience & character, a bottomless pit of resources and loves to give and give and give.  No, I’m not talking about the goverment (I can see why you got confused though!).   I actually meant parents!

But when you already have two girls under 5, try for #3, and get 2 at the same time, you need a special grace that does not befall on many.  This post is about the beautiful Burke family, but mostly a salute to Jonathan and Annemie for amplifying life to the full.  You have broaden my horizon (and made me a bit more cautious to try for our 3rd one just yet).  Respect and all the best for the future.  Your kids are so privileged to have you as parents … and it shows in their lovely character.  Enjoy the shots of 90 minutes with you in the forest.  I love it!

  • aneL - LEGEND willie! die lyk na ‘n lekker FUN familie met BAIE LIEFDE 🙂 en ek voel soooo bevoorreg om te weet ek kan by jou leer!! WOOPWOOOP!!10/11/2011 – 17:37

  • Lara - Beautiful!!!10/11/2011 – 21:50

  • Ronel - Stunning foto’s. Annemie is my sussie en sy se dit is ook net jy wat versukkeldheid mooi en romanties kan laat lyk.30/11/2011 – 13:47

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