Stuart & Kristen

According to the feedback on our Facebook page and the Quick Preview from earlier this week, I am sure you are happy to view a few more pics of this superb Texan/ South African wedding.   Thanks Stu and Kristen for being such an awesome couple to photograph.  Let’s do this again next time you are in Africa!

Thank you to Marisa for your assisting and pic#’s 5 31 34 39 42 65 66

  • Heather Steyn - Awesome Wil! Die morning after the wedding shoot is SO mooi!!01/12/2011 – 16:14

  • Sarah Wood - Aah Wil…. really enjoyed these.01/12/2011 – 16:59

  • Monica Dart - lovely creative images once again – love the details and the sweet little paige boy! …and shot on the benches.01/12/2011 – 17:01

  • Wil Punt - Thank you ladies! I feel honoured!01/12/2011 – 17:22

  • werner - nes ek dink dit kannie beter nie . . . jou fotos is ongelooflik !!!01/12/2011 – 17:37

  • Lene Chiles - Thank you, Wil, for capturing this magical day in such an amazing way. I, as the mother of the groom, will treasure these photos forever.01/12/2011 – 17:43

  • Jonanda Kannemeyer - Wow wow wow, jou fotos is amazing! Dis briljant! Super well done!01/12/2011 – 22:12

  • Frank Banning - Will’JE goed het vast leggen va het moment, Kristen and Stu groot keek zelfs de volgende ochtend, ik still heb wat tranen geleten de mijn ogen. You have a knack for capturing the moment. Kristen’s Pops01/12/2011 – 23:10

  • Miss Anne - Will, you are an amazing talent…and Stu and Kristen gave you the perfect opportunity to capture those special and unique moments, that will the theirs (and ours, thanks to you!) forever. Thank you for the most beautiful wedding photos I have ever seen…Anne, from Texas…02/12/2011 – 00:44

  • Pam Duffy - Absolutely amazing photographs!02/12/2011 – 01:53

  • Nikki Nixon - These photos are amazing. So very beautiful. What a stunning capture of the wonderful evening had by all xxx02/12/2011 – 08:12

  • Liz - A work of art!02/12/2011 – 09:20

  • Maré Rootman - love veral die een waar hulle op hul rug op die bankies lé, mooi soos altyd Will02/12/2011 – 09:49

  • Gwyn Banning, mother of the bride - What a brilliant photographer–who made the vision of this wedding come alive and last forever through the memories which will live in these photos!02/12/2011 – 19:47

  • Boonz - Jeez, i look good , why arent there more photos of me ???????02/12/2011 – 20:57

  • Naomi - UITSTEKEND! En super kreatiewe mense!!!04/12/2011 – 21:14

  • jet de meester - Nou zo’n mooie reportage heb ik nog nooit gezien. Fantastisch!11/12/2011 – 22:06

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