Regardt & Antonette

Since I have shot my first wedding at Cascade Country Manor, I have totally loved this venue.  (My grandparents used to farm close by, so I love shooting in this area knowing my previous generations have walked the earth here too).  Saturday was no exception.  The venue impressed and it was another lovely couple.  They combined their day with having the reception at the new Nantes Estate – another great & stylish choice.  Regardt & Antonette themselves didn’t disappoint after their unique pre-wedding shoot.  There were a lot of stunning, adventurous and equally funny moments to capture.  They have a tremendous sense of humour!  I am 100% sure you will enjoy the following summary of their big day.

R&A – bly so vars in julle liefde vir mekaar.  Dit stof ou harte af en blom van oor tot oor.  Dit was heerlik om deel te wees van julle fees.  En ek is baie bly my vliegtuig vanaf die Seychelles was betyds sodat ek dit darem kon maak!  Wie’t getwyfel?!  hehe!

Thank you to Marisa for awesome assisting & shots 32 41 63.

  • Regardt & Antonette - Ons is op Honeymoon en alles….maar moes net kom loer hoe lyk die fotos! Dis freaking amazing, well done. Dankie dat jy ons spesiale dag so mooi vasgevang het!22/02/2012 – 13:16

  • Anri van Schalkwyk - Stunning pics! Such love <322/02/2012 – 17:13

  • Magriet - Baie baie mooi – die liefde straal uit julle uit!23/02/2012 – 09:16

  • cora Botes - Die mooiste foto’s vol liefde,geluk en emosie. Dankie Wil!23/02/2012 – 11:45

  • Minki Fourie - wow – baie mooi foto’s Wil – en super vinnig gepost! _ Antonette en Regardt – julle was 2 legends! Sooooo baie dankie! Bergbruidjie en Sitting Pretty is steeds in die wolke oor ons deel kon wees van julle spesiale dag!23/02/2012 – 14:20

  • Linda Jacobs Photography - Antonette & Regardt, Congratulations on your special day! The photos are AMAZING! Beautiful Bride! Maryna stunning Mom 🙂24/02/2012 – 05:02

  • Delaware Wedding Photographer - Great job! Love these shots!28/02/2012 – 00:14

  • Annalie - Dit is pragtig – bly altyd so mooi en lief vir mekaar!!!!!!29/02/2012 – 07:53

  • Anell Prins - Antonette! Jy lyk pragtig!! Het so baie aan julle gedink op julle spesiale dag! Mag julle mekaar elke dag nog liewer he as die vorige dag! Geniet die saamwees!01/03/2012 – 20:13

  • Maryna Crouse - Wil, die fotos is BEAUTIFUL! Die mooiste fotos en couple ooit! Jy is ‘n kunstenaar en hulle sterre. Dankie!10/03/2012 – 18:55

  • Annalet Donald - Alles so pragtig! Geniet julle toekoms saam!Foto’s lyk wonderlik!
    x17/03/2012 – 12:20

  • Amanda - Absolutely INCREDIBLE. i love this wedding so much it looks beyond perfect!16/04/2012 – 21:02

  • Casamento gringo – Regardt & Antonette | Se a gente se casar - […] Gostaram? Querem ver mais? Então cliquem aqui! […]19/02/2013 – 22:59

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