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iHesitated to share these iPhone shots.  All of then iTook and iEdited quickly on my iPhone before iBoard and iTook-off on my plane.  But eventually iDecided to share some of the ones iLike.  iHope you will like it too and the story iWrote-up about it.  Here iGo. 🙂

I left a very cold and wet Cape Town on the last flight out the Sunday night before the wedding.  Above the clouds this is what welcomed me.

The 2 hour flight felt too long.  I was tired from the wedding I did the day before and the struggle to back it up and get some tasters on the web whilst spending time with fam and packing.  I should have rested more on the flight.  The next two days happened just too quickly.  Very early the next morning I set off to Wolwedans.  It is a 6 hour drive from Windhoek to there and I arrived just in time to be shown my tent and drop my bags.  What a place!

The view made me want to lie on the deck the whole day!  It was however time to take control of my mind, ask for strength and shift into a creative gear.  You can be the judge if I managed.  Post soon to come.

I stayed the next night at Sesriem on my way back.  My aim was to shoot Dooievlei, but I had too little time to reach it having shot the previous evening and that whole morning as well.   I was very disappointed about this, but realised I succeeded in what I came to Nam for and just had to plan a next trip with my family and friends to visit this mindblowing place again.  I gathered myself and went for drive which resulted in these landscape shots.

Slept that night in my tent at Sesriem.  I woke up at 0340 having thought I heard something.  I looked around but saw nothing and I fell back to sleep again.  The next morning however, this is what I found.  Can you spot my problem?

Yes. Just to the right of the tent under the sink.  Can you see it?  Only 1 sandal left!  hehe!  Mr Jackals was having an early morning chew on my Teva Sandal in his hole somewhere.  That’s OK, but it was the only pair of footwear I brought with me to Nam!  After searching the veld for too long (and getting strange looks from my neighbours), I had to set off to catch my flight back to SA.

The plan was to have a legendary Apple strudel and Filter coffee at Moose McGregor’s Desert Bakery in Solitaire.

moose mcgregor desert bakery solitaire

I had a great chat with Moose the legend baker from the desert.  On the outlook he’s got everything – world reknown status, a perfect reputation and an awesome product.  But speaking to Moose for a while longer, you meet a 55 year old man who has been slaving away working for others for 20 years; supporting his sister and mother from his small salary that doesn’t even allow him to travel to Windhoek (except when he has to renew his car licence every year); he and his faithful friend Titus have not had a raise in 3 years according to Moose.  And now Solitaire has been bought over by a Texan Oil Tycoon who will become his new boss.  Hopefully there is new hope for Moose and (not even) his desert bakery with the new change.  I believe he deserves the break.

A toast to the baker of Solitaire with his traditional beer mug full of English tea (non iphone shot).

Moose McGregor Desert Bakery Solitaire Namibia

Just as I wanted to leave, I saw I had a flat tyre.  As a friendly man fixed it for me at the petrol station without petrol (for 5 days and counting when I was there), I tried to capture a bit of the soul of the place called Solitaire.


As you can imagine, by this time I was quite late for my flight and had to cover more than 300kms of mostly dirt road in 3 hours to make my plane back.  From the shot below you can see I did make it … and barefoot of course all the way back to Cape Town!

Everyone spoke Afrikaans to me … middag middag boet – how’s the plaas doing … with a smirk on their faces.

I didn’t mind.

I didn’t just loose my sandal in Namibia.  Also a part of my heart.  See you soon again land of open spaces.

I feel privileged to share the wedding captured on her beauty for you next … keep a look out for Cheuk and Mary’s Desert Wedding coming soon.

  • Juné Joubert - Mal oor hierdie post Wil!! haha jy is ‘n legend!!!19/04/2012 – 10:53

  • Carlien - Will, j het die ongelooflikste talent!! Wys jou net, nie eers n foon kamera hou jou terug nie!!! Dis awesome! Hoop dit gaan goed! 🙂19/04/2012 – 11:25

  • lizelle lottter - iLove it!19/04/2012 – 12:28

  • Errol - Die fantastiese foto’s en die gevatte beskrywende byskrifte maak hierdie ‘n Super Wenner.Well Done Champ !Trots op jou.Lyk my jy sal maar moet teruggaan om daardie skoen by die jakkals te gaan afvat.19/04/2012 – 18:25

  • Elzaan Pretorius - Dit is awesome foto’s Wil & love jou storie! Daai plek en sy stilte gryp my hart altyd aan:-)19/04/2012 – 22:40

  • Wendell Geary - Wil, next time you are in Otjiwarongo (opposit direction from this trip, evidently), please look up my relatives – Geoff and Leah Swanson, from Minnesota, U.S.A.

    Watching for the wedding shots. These of the desert are marvelous. Thank you.20/04/2012 – 06:09

  • Wendell Geary - …and yes, of the beer, also…..20/04/2012 – 06:10

  • Natascha Olivier - Die fotos is so nice! iLove too!
    Verlang my nou dood na die Namib en die res van Nambië, na jou post. Dis darem ‘n spesiale land daai.20/04/2012 – 08:43

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