Will & Janine

You know that feeling when you have lived in a beautiful place for a while, got kind of used to the scenery and do not appreciate it any more as you did when you first came there.  No, I’m not using this as a metaphor for marriage – don’t you worry!  It is just how jaw-dropping beautiful Stellenbosch and the Western Cape looked to me on Saturday from the stunning Hidden Valley Winery at the slopes of the Helderberg Mountain.  Wow, this is a remarkable place on earth to be able to work in!  It makes my knees weak thinking about it.  But it seems like I was not the only one feeling a bit unstable on the day …

I was capturing the lovely Will & Janine on a jetty at a lake just outside of the venue.  The light conditions were tricky with patchy sun and shadow all round.  I turned the scene around and used Janine’s umbrella as a natural diffuser.  If I spot metered on their faces, I would burn out the amazing clouds on the horizon.  So a fill in off camera flash would be the only option to get the whole scene well exposed. I positioned the stand with TT5 Pocketwizard and my SB900 flash as close as I could get it and started shooting away.  All went well and the shots came out great!  Then there was trouble.  The stand decided to test it’s diving skills and toppled over into the lake with the PW and flash combo making a huge splash.  I watched it as it sank to the bottom and knew it was too late (or was it? *).  In memory of it, I took this shot as it sank to the bottom.  At least now the overheating problem on my SB900 would be something of the past.

Luckily I carry at least 4 flashes to a wedding.  The rest of the day went much better.  Will and Janine were wonderful with one another and it made for great shots at a great venue.  Superb people, superb food, superb weather!  Gotta love these.

* Good news!  After retrieving the TT5 and SB900 from the bottom of the lake and drying it in a bowl of rice for 2 days, I am glad to say both work perfect again!!  It is a Nikon after all!

Enjoy the rest of the shots.

  • Merlene Joy - Exquisite photography Wil! And the truly happy and wonderful couple made your job so much more enjoyable I’m sure. Simply breathtaking…28/11/2012 – 21:53

  • Vicky Goslin - Wil, It was a BLAST working with you. I just Love your pics! Here’s to the next time ……03/12/2012 – 18:00

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