Conrad & Corné

I missed out on halve the party.  Conrad turned 30 on the Saturday and the wedding celebrations / birthday party started that afternoon already.  I was still shooting in Stellenbosch then but got up at 0400 the Sunday morning to make it to Piketberg in time for the preparations and ceremony.  A bright and early wake up for a bright and hot day of shooting!  With lots of joy!

The ceremony was extremely special.  Mariete from Varsliefde did an awesome job (like always) to make Feathers Inn look amazing for the 2x C’s and their guests.  Coca Cola was the theme running all the way through from the boutonnieres to the cake.  Conrad loves Coke.  And Corné 🙂

I must admit it was a tricky one from a photography point of view.  It has been 5 years since I had to shoot a wedding over lunch time in December.  Not anyone’s ideal situation.  Conrad had honeymoon plans set in place, so we couldn’t move it any later.  This was it.  And wow, it was extremely bright.  The patchy clouds brought some character but doubled the glare.  I found myself balancing portable studio lights at full power with ND filters stopping down up to 9 stops.  A real challenge in the heat.  Thank the Lord for investing in my equipment!  Conrad and Corné were extremely cooperative though and they did brilliant under the circumstances. We finished off the shoot at a well deserving waterfall at Laatson that restored the sanity to our overheated feet and brains!

And here they are … the hottest couple and shoot of the year!  Enjoy!

  • Marieta Foord - Mooiste bruid en pragtige foto’s11/12/2012 – 16:27

  • Lizl Grobler - Wow wow wow! Asemrowende fotos!11/12/2012 – 16:47

  • Talia - STUNNING STUNNING STUNNING!!!!! ;o)11/12/2012 – 16:49

  • Nadine - O dis baie mooi julle!!11/12/2012 – 16:59

  • elana nel - AWESOME!!!!!11/12/2012 – 17:19

  • Liezel - EXTRAordaninary!! wow!11/12/2012 – 18:27

  • Elzaan - Bitter mooi foto’s julle twee en ek love die moderne vibe! Stunning scenery!11/12/2012 – 19:34

  • Rentia - Regtig pragtige foto’s. Daardie waterval paar is uit n tydskrif!11/12/2012 – 19:34

  • magriet - Mal mooi!!!! (soos Conrad sou se!)11/12/2012 – 20:35

  • Charlene Goosen - STUNNING couple, STUNNING fotos!!! WOW!!11/12/2012 – 21:03

  • Alta Kruger - baie mooi fotos!!!!!!!!!!!!!12/12/2012 – 08:37

  • panna - mooiste mooi sussie!!!!!!!regtig stunning fotos!12/12/2012 – 10:05

  • Leonie Foord - Pragtig julle!!! Baie geluk! Al die Foord-e in Alberton – Gauteng12/12/2012 – 20:40

  • Hermana - wow wow WOW!!!!!13/12/2012 – 14:25

  • Adel - Absoluut STUNNING!!! wooooooooowwwwwww

    ek LOVE die watervalle-dis mal uniek!!! jul is darm ‘n pragtige couple!!!16/12/2012 – 21:44

  • Rethe - Dis stunning verby!!! Corne het heelpad deur so tevrede gesigsuitdrukking 😉 en dink nie ek het jou al so breed sien glimlag nie Conrad! 😛20/12/2012 – 08:12

  • Conrad - WoW ons is n vrek mooi couple…20/12/2012 – 14:31

  • Joggie - Awesome Foto’s Wil..en dan moet ek se al weet ek Wil is een van die beste fotograwe ooit, het Corne en Conrad die “mid day” shoot gemaak.21/12/2012 – 11:30

  • Lizelle Lotter - Conrad en Corné julle troue is PRAGTIG en dit was so lekker om julle te ontmoet.
    EN Wil, jy het jouself oortref in die hitte van die stryd! Wow.10/01/2013 – 18:25

  • Mariette - O my hoed! Wil! Incredible werk! Wel ge daan ! Sjo ek lag en ooh en aah gelyk vir die foto’s! Conrad jy’t met’n MODEL getrou o my hat! So awesome couple, love julle! xx22/01/2013 – 11:54

  • Francois Wahl - WOOOOOWW! Dit is amazing mooi julle!!22/01/2013 – 12:10

  • Lize M - Wil, jou hooibaalfoto’s het elke liewe keer my aan die droom! Ek LOVE dit die eerste keer, ek LOVE dit hier! So awesome!01/02/2013 – 18:48

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