Healey Clan

Meet the Healey Clan.  They came all the way from the States to enjoy time together over Christmas in our beautiful South Africa.  We did these on Noordhoek beach, but let’s just call it Windy Beach for now.  I tried my best for the images not to show it, but wow, this wind was Kite SurfingWorld Champs standards.  I had to live up to my philosophy of the wind is our friend, but finally we decided to hide behind the biggest rock and do the more formal shots here.   Things loosened up as the shoot progressed (and my camera gear filled with sand) and we braved the wind once again.    Good thing we did, as I specially adore this first shot below.  It personifies the God given joy that lives in kids when they are outside.  My soul resonates when I see this and compels this boy to return to nature as much as possible.

To the Healey’s – you are truly a lovely and very beautiful family.  I know the chances are slim for us to meet again, but somehow I wish we do.  Thank you for your patience and help (and for braving the wind).  You guys are really special.  And thanks Jude for organizing all this so long ago.

May these be best memories of your best holiday ever.  Come again!

  • Rosemary Healey - Wil,
    I must say, these photos are truly a work of art. We are still in awe of your genius and tenacity in overcoming tropical force winds to capture our amazing family…..you have left us with memories we will cherish for a lifetime! If you ever get to the US we would love to host you by “our sea” and in some way try to repay you for enduring what must be considered the utmost in “EXTREME PHOTOGRAPHY”!

    With our love and gratitude….The Healey traveling carnival09/01/2013 – 12:32

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