Arran & Jale

Wedding Nooitgedacht Stellenbosch

Arran & Jale started their new season together with friends and family from all over the world  under an African full moon sky and ancient oak trees.  What a pleasure it was to capture and spend this awesome day with them yesterday.  May these be treasured and never disappoint!  Enjoy!

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  • Lizaan - Sjoe dis ‘n pragtige en spesiale troue. Die lieflike bruid se rok is fantasties vasgevang!03/04/2015 – 16:42

  • Denise - Beautiful pictures. Wishing you guys so much love and happiness.08/04/2015 – 06:44

  • Rev. Daniel Brits - One of our beautiful & elegant April Brides, the lovely Jale, and her husband Arran. It was truly a pleasure and an honour to join this fabulous couple in matrimony. Their wedding venue ‘Nooitgedacht’ was just superb.

    Thank you “Peartree Photography” for capturing their special moments so beautifully. Great photos!
    Rev. Daniel Brits18/04/2015 – 16:02

  • Arran and Jale Kerkvliet - Thanks very much for the excellent photos of our day. You truly are a very talented individual. We have received numerous comments about how outstanding your work is from everyone that we have shown. You are quite simply leaps and bounds above the rest. We are very blessed to have you capture our moment and can’t wait to see the rest. Heartfelt thanks from Jale and Arran x19/04/2015 – 23:03

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