Xolela & Steph

Wedding Suikerbossie Houtbay, Cape Town

This wedding exceeded everyone’s expectations!  The people were vibrant and amazing; the light the best I have seen and two people in love experiencing the best day of their lives.

You guys surely are an answer to everyone’s prayers!  May you continue to bless, unite and fill people’s lives with joy.  I feel so privileged to have had the opportunity to meet you guys and the people close to you … and of course to shoot in that Godly light.  All glory to Him!  Enjoy the splendour!

wedding-suikerbossie_53 wedding-suikerbossie_15 wedding-suikerbossie_62 wedding-suikerbossie_46 wedding-suikerbossie_64 wedding-suikerbossie_56 wedding-suikerbossie_1 wedding-suikerbossie_2 wedding-suikerbossie_3 wedding-suikerbossie_4 wedding-suikerbossie_5 wedding-suikerbossie_6 wedding-suikerbossie_7 wedding-suikerbossie_8 wedding-suikerbossie_9 wedding-suikerbossie_10 wedding-suikerbossie_11 wedding-suikerbossie_12 wedding-suikerbossie_13 wedding-suikerbossie_14 wedding-suikerbossie_16 wedding-suikerbossie_17 wedding-suikerbossie_18 wedding-suikerbossie_19 wedding-suikerbossie_20 wedding-suikerbossie_21 wedding-suikerbossie_22 wedding-suikerbossie_23 wedding-suikerbossie_24 wedding-suikerbossie_25 wedding-suikerbossie_26 wedding-suikerbossie_27 wedding-suikerbossie_28 wedding-suikerbossie_29 wedding-suikerbossie_30 wedding-suikerbossie_31 wedding-suikerbossie_32 wedding-suikerbossie_33 wedding-suikerbossie_34 wedding-suikerbossie_35 wedding-suikerbossie_36 wedding-suikerbossie_37 wedding-suikerbossie_38 wedding-suikerbossie_39 wedding-suikerbossie_40 wedding-suikerbossie_41 wedding-suikerbossie_42 wedding-suikerbossie_43 wedding-suikerbossie_44 wedding-suikerbossie_45 wedding-suikerbossie_47 wedding-suikerbossie_49 wedding-suikerbossie_50 wedding-suikerbossie_48 wedding-suikerbossie_51 wedding-suikerbossie_57 wedding-suikerbossie_58 wedding-suikerbossie_52 wedding-suikerbossie_59 wedding-suikerbossie_55 wedding-suikerbossie_61 wedding-suikerbossie_63 wedding-suikerbossie_60 best wedding photographer south africa wedding-suikerbossie_66 wedding-suikerbossie_67 wedding-suikerbossie_68 wedding-suikerbossie_69 wedding-suikerbossie_70 wedding-suikerbossie_71 wedding-suikerbossie_72 wedding-suikerbossie_73 wedding-suikerbossie_74 wedding-suikerbossie_75 wedding-suikerbossie_76 wedding-suikerbossie_77 wedding-suikerbossie_78 wedding-suikerbossie_79 wedding-suikerbossie_80 wedding-suikerbossie_81 wedding-suikerbossie_82 wedding-suikerbossie_83 wedding-suikerbossie_84 wedding-suikerbossie_85 wedding-suikerbossie_54

  • Amy Ahrens - Wow! These are seriously incredible photos! And they captured this special wedding so well!02/06/2015 – 14:47

  • Ian Price - Wow these have go to be the best wedding photos ever! But is was the best wedding ever so it shouldn’t be such a surprise03/06/2015 – 07:53

  • Juné Joubert - SUCH beautiful images! Wow03/06/2015 – 11:31

  • Morag Atherstone - These photos are truly amazing!!03/06/2015 – 19:17

  • Deb Price - Brilliant photos! Thank you Will for these amazing pictures which will help us remember that very special day.13/06/2015 – 12:25

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