Wout & Anneloes | Muiderberg, Netherlands

Dutch International Wedding

It is with a lot of joy that I can now share the most recent International Wedding I have had the privilege to capture in the Netherlands.   To be honest, Wout and Anneloes could both have been professional models, so it was so easy to capture them just looking good.  Thanks for making me look good guys 🙂

Everyone at the wedding was surprised with the poor & rainy weather on the day.  Except me of course.  I’ve had my fair share of rain in the Low Country before.  Nevertheless, it was an awesome day spent with even greater people.  It felt like we covered the whole North and East of the Netherlands in the scouting for the wedding.  We finally found this beautiful forest close to Zwolle that proofed perfect for the couple shoot.  The light was out of this world and I think you’ll agree the natural moments captured, was beautiful.  The rain started to fall out of nowhere as we entered the heather fields, but we nailed it in the first session and these just served as a few bonus shots.  The formal ceremony and meal at the rustic Weg in het Wild settled matters for the couple after which we moved on to the historic Kerk aan Zee at Muiderberg for the Christian service.  This was the true highlight of the day with everyone celebrating Love together.  An awesome experience!

Back at Weg in het Wild, everyone partied right into the night with camp fires keeping us warm outside in true African style.  What a day tit was o remember and treasure!

Thank you to Wout and Anneloes for your absolute trust in me to travel all this way to cover your day.  A special thanks also to the Sijm family who looked after me in such a warm and hospitable manner.  I loved spending time with you and hope to be back on the farm again one day soon.  You all are truly lovely people.  It has been such a privilege to be part of this celebration.  Blessings!

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