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Peartree Photography 2010 South Africa

It’s officially the new year – 2010! And we are slowly working to create a new feel and better functionality for the blog. Keep visiting to see the changes coming soon. May you grow more naturally you in this exciting year.

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Peartree Photography Toyota Fortuner

In a digital world where anyone can pick up a camera, download software and create a great photo, one need to stand for a style that makes you unique and bring something fresh to a cluttered world.  Peartree Photography is committed to our slogan of “The Natural Choice” where we guarantee capturing you naturally in […]

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Peartree Photography_01

Maltese Kruis, Cederberge When I have a weekend off, I try to make the most of my time.  This weekend we took Elih for his first major hike to the Maltese Cross in the Cederberg.  He loved it! These photos are dedicated to quite a few people.  First, to all who got to know me […]

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As I try to finish work before leaving home for my next wedding, I decided to test our MacPac Possum Carrier on Elih (11 weeks).  Up to now he has been too small.  I even tried sitting him down on a butternut at 3 weeks.  Still he wasn’t ready (and the butternut was extra weight!). […]

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