Sandeep & Tarryn

Richard Bay Wedding Photography | 23 July 2011

I have to confess.  It is not often that I hug someone when I meet them for the first time.  But I did.  In a place far from my home that felt like the real Africa.  I blame it all on Facebook of course … felt I genuinely knew this girl from Bahrain when I met her.  We’ve been counting down the days together since the 100’s something, have been emailing like mad and dreamt together about something real BIG that was about to happen!  That is not all.  I have to confess.  I almost gave her dad a hug too when he came round the corner.  Come on – the two of them has been her profile pic for so long!  Looking back, I doubt that he would have mind though – he and his family are an exceptionally special group of people!  Amazing how social networking has changed the way we live … and who we hug!

Sandeep and his family surprised me around every corner!  Apart from his whole family flying in from the UK, they have walked deep roads in Africa in the past. (I just love people who are equally passionate about our continent!)  Sandeep is an exceptionally creative, caring and thorough man.  His interior design master pieces includes the interiors of the famous Queen Mary II.  This together with his architectural skills, have been highly acclaimed across the world.  On top of this I’ve learned this humble, gentle man is quite a fearsome kick boxer too.  Surely not a man to mess with.  A great one to have as a friend.  Now also a man who can add a lovely wife to his long list of accolades.

S&T, thank you for trusting our work from what you have seen and read on this blog.  It was our greatest joy to travel to Richards Bay to meet you and capture such a joyous event.  Well done also to your special mum for putting together something so mind blowing and making our job easy for the photos to stand out.  Blessings to all of you till we meet again!  Hopefully very soon!

Thank you to Dirk – my life long friend & great photographer – for stunning shots, unconditional help and fun memories!  Hot stuff man!

  • debbie - HI Wil

    i just love these pictures. You have captured the happy essence
    that was felt by all at the wedding _looking so forward to seeing the rest.

    God bless and please say hi to Dirk.

    Debbie26/07/2011 – 13:53

  • Mr and Mrs Patel - AMAZING!!!! Wil and Dirk, thank you both soooooo much. It was such a blessing to work with you on our special day. You have truly captured such amazing moments of the incredible day that we had. Your writing brought us to tears. We will truly cherish these amazing pictures of our wonderful day. Blessings and *hugs*…28/07/2011 – 12:26

  • Sharmaine Dray - What a fantastic wedding and absolutely gorgeous bride,
    Tarryn you definitely are the most beautiful princess!28/07/2011 – 16:21

  • Sita Patel - Wow!!! Amazing pictures! Thank you for so much for capturing this special day in these amazing photos. They do real credit to the most momentous, happy, blessed day we all had. Cannot wait see the rest of them. God Bless you.01/08/2011 – 14:31

  • riette - AMAZING pics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!♥02/08/2011 – 16:35

  • Brent & Belinda Jackson - Wow wow wow!!!!!!!!!!!!! These pictures brought tears to both our eyes. They are super amazing!!!
    We love you S and T and so sorry we missed this very special day.16/08/2011 – 15:36

  • Sara Van der Meer - Tarryn, Those are AMAZING pictures !! I just LOVE every single bits, like a fairy tale. I can feel the love and happiness. Bless for you both. xx17/09/2011 – 13:50

  • sarita - beautiful photos, you all must have lovely memories.
    best wishes to all
    thankyou for sharing.

    xx21/09/2011 – 22:18

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