Alexander & Lindi

Wedding Kaleo Farm

When I chose the name Peartree for the business a long time ago, I probably dreamed about something close to this.  A wedding out on the soil that produces the fruit that we enjoy during this time of the year.  Something that speaks of trust, dedication, hard work and a sweet satisfying reward to savour & celebrate.  I felt right at home …

Alexander and Lindi started their journey together at the beautiful Kaleo Guest Farm.  We traveled to their new home Doornkraal to photograph them on home soil.  It was a hectic drive resulting in a flat tyre on my side, but I’m so glad we managed to make it work after our extensive planning sessions.  You will see Xander’s hand bearing the scars of a bachelors gone a bit wrong.  Luckily he got the plaster off just before the wedding!

Enjoy your exciting journey together on this special piece of earth.  For sure this is the Perfect Pear!

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  • Annette - Ek kon nie daar wees nie en die foto’s is absoluut wonderlik. Baie mooi julle, iets om vir altyd te hou en die is besonders goed.26/11/2015 – 15:33

  • Lindi Gibson - Will, baie dankie vir ons pragtige fotos, ons is absoluut mal daaroor! Dit was so ‘n groot plesier en pret om saam met jou te werk en jy het beslis elke oomblik vasgevang, so spesiaal! Dankie27/11/2015 – 14:58

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