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    Wil Punt of Peartree Photography is a passionate specialist when it comes to capturing natural moments in natural environments.

    This uniquely fresh approach to Photography has been celebrated by several hundreds of local and international clients as the best decision for their photography needs.

    Since Wil has traveled Africa for a photo exhibition in Denmark in 2004, many have acknowledged and celebrated his natural style in photography. The Most Recent being the 2016 International Wine Photographer of the Year Top 3 position in the People Category as well as a 2nd Place in the People's Choice Award. He also boast a link to National Geographic with his 2008 Continental Photo Contest Award being the most noteworthy.

    His passion for his family, people, creation and perfect moments inspires him in his shoots which he always approach as uniquely as his own style.

    67,79,78,84,65,67,84,32,87,73,76,32,80,85,78,84TNUP LIW TCATNOC and enjoy your visit.

wine photographer of the year wil punt

2x top 3 positions in the wine photographer of the year awards

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  • Errol Punt - I am impressed by the manner in which you capture those very special wedding vibes in inspiring natural surroundings.Weddings that start in these lovely settings are surely blessed.21/04/2017 – 20:57

such a cool couple

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  • Ingrid Singels - Outstanding reflection of an amazing ceremony, beautifully captured.14/05/2019 – 12:10

  • Henk ten Brink - Wow! Cool couple, you two, and a wedding to match. The pictures tell it all – what else is there to say?14/05/2019 – 20:57

what money can’t buy

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  • Barbara Cozart - Dear Wil, I can’t even explain how these pictures make me feel. I will always treasure these pictures. In life, memories are some of the most precious things to me. Thank you for capturing my family. We’re looking forward to the next time we’ll be there – I know exactly who I’ll ask to take our family pictures 🙂13/02/2019 – 01:33

Astonishing California Wedding

the astonishing California wedding of Brent & Christina

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  • Catherine Timm - Wil, these are stunning photos. As always you’ve managed not only to capture the essence of the day but that of the people themselves. It was so lovely to see you on the other side of the world in California. 😃07/02/2019 – 15:09

  • Christina - Dearest Wil,
    Your pictures are truly stunning and they absolutely capture the joy of that entire day. It was so special to have you at our wedding, Brent and I both felt truly honored.
    Thank you so much for everything, and especially for making the journey out to San Diego.
    XO10/02/2019 – 08:32

  • Libby Flynn - Wil you really did capture the essence of the day in the most beautiful way. Your photographs are stunning and it was wonderful to have you here. Thanks for making the big trip over. We really appreciate everything. You are the best! Mike and Libby.11/02/2019 – 02:31

  • Annie Parsons - Will, you truly captured the exuberance of this Astonishing Wedding! You were able to photograph the magical feeling of the day. Thank you12/02/2019 – 02:15

Blaauwklippen Vineyards New Wedding Venue


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  • Helene Cronje - Die intro… Ek sien die pad, die twee, die groeipotensiaal en die weerkaatsings van die aand. A picture paints a thousand words. Is so.

    Ma hierdie poetry maak ‘n movie28/11/2018 – 10:45

  • Helene Cronje - barefoot in the desert
    dancing alone
    cloudy skies
    prayer seeds sown

    for an adventure
    much bigger than her
    hand in hand
    but still a blur

    many paths
    all dusty and cold
    which one to take
    none to take hold

    standing firm
    with hands free
    using it for art
    glorifying Thee

    . . . . . . .

    first drop falls
    freshness loom
    stream of life
    drought consume

    lion wild
    hair intact
    taking hold
    seeds react

    skipping through grass
    with hands apart
    still free to create
    he embraced the heart

    protected in the forest
    dancing as one
    clear glass stars
    new life begun

    . . .
    HIERDIE MOET GESING WORD28/11/2018 – 10:47

Wedding Nambia Bagatelle Kalahari Game Ranch

authentically beautiful

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  • Patrick - Absolutely beautiful. Spectacular photos of a spectacular couple.
    Congratulations- Hope to see you soon03/06/2018 – 12:33

  • Peter - A beautiful and splendid experience. We loved sharing it with you! The pictures are wonderful!
    Peter and Alex03/06/2018 – 21:48

Botswana Destination Wedding

perfect africa

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  • Frances - Will, you have marvelously captured the magic and essence of each fleeting moment. Thank you !04/05/2018 – 09:09

  • Joey du Plessis - Absoluut asemrowend mooi!! Die pragtigste troue wat ek nog gesien het. En die bruid, eenvoudig die mooiste, mooiste ter wêreld. Geen wonder dat die bruidegom wat net so goed gelyk het in soveel verwondering na haar gestaar het nie. Strooimeisies en strooijonkers pragtig. En ai my sus Frances en Gerrie aitsa maar julle het uitgehang!! Die tafels, blomme, sommer net alles sò spesiaal. Om nie eers van die natuur te praat nie. Pragtige, pragtige, professionele foto’s. Voorwaar ‘n droom troue om vir ewig te onthou en op trots te wees!!!❤️❤️❤️04/05/2018 – 10:35

  • Lucinda - Lovely wedding pics!!😍😍Congratulations guys and may the good Lord bless your union!You looked absolutely amazing!The pics are awesome!04/05/2018 – 10:58

  • Lizaan van Heerden - Ag, dis beautiful!!!!06/05/2018 – 09:39

  • Vera and Jeff - Extraordinarily beautiful in every way. What a gorgeous celebration, we are really sorry not to have shared the time with you all. Much love from us both, Jeff and Vera XxxxX10/05/2018 – 19:51

feels like family

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  • LEONI DE LANGE - Die allermooiste foto’s – van die ongelooflikste familie wat ek ken! Die Benders!!01/04/2018 – 15:10

  • Elize Spamer - Ongelooflike foto’s en n presiese waarneming van die besonderse Benders.01/04/2018 – 17:12

  • L van Heerden - Wow, goeie werk, Boet.Dis pragtig!03/04/2018 – 14:05

Langkloof Roses Wedding Photos

deserving the best day of their lives

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  • Daisy - Die mooiste fotos ooit. Jy het so baie moeite gedoen! So so professional. Groete. Daisy27/03/2018 – 16:48

  • Lennert Myburgh - Wat kan ons sê Wil? Daar is so baie wat ons kan sê oor hoe besonders jy ons spesiale dag vas gevang het in die mooiste fotos. Ons kan nie ophou kyk na dit nie. Jy het so baie moeite gedoen en soos Flash Gordon beweeg op Langkloof se perseel. Ek wens ek was Mnr Sosiale Media. Ek sal jou bemark van hier tot in die einde van wêrelde. Baie dankie vir al jou moeite. God se seën op jou en jou lens.27/03/2018 – 18:13

  • Gerhard Van Aardt - Ongeloofluk mooi Dankie Wil dat jy Lennert en Riëtte se troudag so prentjie mooi vir ewig kon skets deur jou lens. Jy is uiters bekwaam met die lens27/03/2018 – 21:54

  • garine de wet - Soos n sprokies verhaal vasgevang. Besonders mooi.28/03/2018 – 13:36